positive drive conveyor belts


Eurotech Drive positive drive conveyor belts are plastic belts consisting of a single homogenized material, usually polyurethane (PU) or polyester elastomer (PE). Due to their manufacture and composition, they combine all advantages of modular and conventional plastic belts, negating all hygiene problems and, thus, becoming the perfect solution for food processing industries.

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optimal operation
  • No danger of slipping, even in slimy and wet environments
  • The belt functions without stretching, thus reducing strain on the mechanical parts of the conveyance system: drums, antistatic linings, drum linings etc.
  • No need for tensioners
  • Light build
  • Silent operation
  • Highly resistant to friction and tearing
  • Guiding tooth throughout the width of the belt (for DEL DRIVE)
maximum hygiene level
  • Fully certified according to EC-FDA and HACCP
  • Compact, impenetrable and antiseptic material
  • Water saving and fewer cleaning operations
  • Resistant to all chemicals commonly used in the food industry, such as solvents, oils and grease…
  • Can be used in applications with scrapers
reduced danger of infection
  • Reduced danger of bacterial growth
  • There is no ply infection, thus there is no danger of belt wear
  • No detachable parts
  • Reduced danger of conveyed products reduction
low operational cost
  • Long operating life
  • Fast and easy cleaning without disassembly
  • Significantly lower amounts of water and detergent during cleaning
  • Low operational cost

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