DEL/ROC Food quality PE Belts
DEL/ROC Food quality PE Belts


  • Underside smooth or structured.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Resistant to chemical attacks.
  • Excellent tensile strength.
  • Good friction coefficient on support beds.

Embossed underside (EM)

  • Reduces friction on stainless in wet or fatty environments.
  • Increased drive traction.


  • Medium to heavy load capacity.
  • Accumulation possible.
  • Full load start-up possible.
  • Suitable for long centre distances.

Methods of joining

  • Butt welded.
  • Overlap in heat press.
  • Electrode welded.
  • Stainless or plastic fasteners (including integral welded fasteners).
Application of trapezoidal guides, flights and perforations on request.