Plastic Conveyor Belts

from PVC, PU, PE


Plastic conveyor belts are different than other conveyor belts since their surface is coated in plastic materials, such as flexible polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, and polyurethane, of PU; their composition making them two of the most commonly produced plastic synthetic polymers, and ideal for use with conveyor and drive belts. We provide a wide spectrum of plastic conveyor belts, with a large variety of compounds for the top most layer and the interior of the belt.

useful info

Plastic conveyor belts are used in, among others, the following industrial sectors:
food industries Food products (FDA)
canning industries General Applications
bakery - confectionery Food products (FDA)
fruit sorting facilities Food products (FDA)
supermarkets General Applications
gyms General Applications
airports - post offices General Applications
tobacco industries General Applications
feedstuffs industries Food products (FDA)
oil production facilities Food products (FDA)
dairy - cheese making factories Food products (FDA)
meat processing Food products (FDA)
The basic Technical Characteristics of all Plastic Conveyor Belts are listed below:
dimensions & metrics
belt length Upon Request. Maximum Length of a single piece: 200 m.
belt width Upon Request. Maximum Width of a single piece: 3,200 mm.
number of plies Varies depending on compound. Between 1 - 4 plies.
total thickness Varies depending on compound & ply rating. Between 0.7 - 8.2 mm.
materials & compounds
υλικό στρώσης Polyvinyl Chloride (flexible PVC), Polyurethane (PU) and Polyester Elastomer (PE).
υλικό λινού Woven Fabric, Bare Fabric (PET) or other, depending on belt type.
general info
available colors White, Green, Blue, Orange, Black and many other, depending on compound.
splice options Heat welding (endless), With fastener or no-joint (open).
The basic applications of plastic conveyor belts are listed below:
Conveyor belt on "ROLLER BED"
Conveyor belt on "CONVEYOR ROLLERS"
"ROLLER BED" on both sides
Conveyor belt with roller channel
Conveyor belt with self-centering rollers
Conveyor belt inclined operation ("ROLLER BED")
Variation of conveyor belt inclined operation
Conveyor belt for elevators with buckets
Conveyor belt with product aggregation
Conveyor belt with vertically applied force
Conveyor belt with a 90° angle

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