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Belt bend conveyors

Belt bend conveyors are essential in ensuring changes of direction in a curve on a material handling line. They must also comply with the alignment and orientation of products of any shape and ensure a continuous flow.

Our range includes different types of belt bend conveyors with different technologies, allowing you to choose between the most qualified material handling equipment according to your industrial specifications:

  • Optimal transfer with cylindrical or conical rolls (45 mm diameter)
  • Polyurethane conveyor belts (foodgrade)
  • Chassis in epoxy painted or stainless steel
  • Standard angles (90° and 180°) or special angles
  • Easy maintenance and servicing

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The RE belt bend conveyors are equipped with conical drums. This technique allows:

  • A proper alignment of the conveyed products
  • A silent functioning
  • The conveying of heavy loads at high speeds

The belt bend conveyors have 45 mm diameter cylindrical rolls. Curved conveyor belt guided by chain. This technology guarantees:

  • A uniform and regular speed
  • An optimal transfer of light loads and small parts
  • A particularly silent functioning

The SRI belt bend conveyors are based on the technology of the CCD type. They are designed without an inside radius and with parallel rollers with a 45 mm diameter. This technology guarantees :

  • Making a U-turn (180°) with extremely small overall dimensions
  • A uniform and regular speed
  • An optimal transfer of light loads and small pieces
  • A silent functioning

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