Flat Drive Belts

Flat drive belts are used for transmission of motion in industrial machinery featured in various sectors, such as: texture industry, wood treatment, marble treatment, flour milling etc. Depending on the intended application, we provide the appropriate type so as to ensure proper function and effectiveness during use.

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Some examples of flat drive belts applications are listed below:
160 ton press driven by a Flat Belt
Tangential drive belts for spinning machines
Flat Belt driven Industrial Grade Fan
Roller table synchronized & driven by Flat Belts
Flat drive belts with a turning motion on a textile industry machine
Some basic applications (formations) of flat belts for motion transmission are the following:
Drive with two drums (open drive)
Drive with multiple drums (power branching)
Drive with multiple drums (power branching)
Motion transmission: flat inclined belt
Flat belt drive on a semi-crossed route
Flat belt drive on bobbin machines
Tangential motion transmission with a flat belt
Drive and synchronization on roller tables
= driving drum

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