Plastic Conveyor Belts (PVC, PU, PE)

Plastic conveyor belts are essentially belts used in mechanical conveyance of items. They feature a reinforced, leaf-type structure, and their characteristics describe their surface, color, general thickness and mechanical properties.

The applications of conveyor belts are many. Besides the food industry, where specially designed EC and FDA/USDA certified belts are used, conveyor belts are indispensable for craft and industrial applications, in various sectors, such as: marble treatment, paper processing, textile industry, tobacco industry, pottery, airports, post offices etc.

PVC Belts

PVC Plastic Conveyor Belts PVC Belts Plastic Conveyor Belts

PU Belts

PU Plastic Conveyor Belts PU Belts Plastic Conveyor Belts

PE Belts

PE Plastic Conveyor Belts PE Belts Plastic Conveyor Belts

EUROTECH DRIVE Positive Drive Conveyor Belts New

Eurotech Drive positive drive conveyor belts are plastic belts consisting of a single homogenized material, usually polyurethane (PU) or polyester elastomer (PE). Due to their manufacturing and composition, they combine all advantages of articulated [...]

Rubber Conveyor Belts

Rubber conveyor belts make up a large part of available conveyor belts. They are primarily used in heavy industry or applications where high load capacity and tension resistance are essential. The rubber coatings between various layers of ply are manufactured by mixing natural and synthetic rubber, for most applications [...]

With EP Ply

Rubber Conveyor Belts with EP PlyWith EP PlyRubber Conveyor Belts

With Wired Ply

Rubber Conveyor Belts with Wired PlyWith Wired PlyRubber Conveyor Belts

With Profile

Rubber Conveyor Belts With ProfileWith ProfileRubber Conveyor Belts

Specially Designed Conveyor Belts

Special designs are the result of our specialized equipment (high frequency presses, heat-sealing presses, rapid welding presses etc.). Conveyor belts for every application and every case of mechanical conveyance of items; effectively and without problems and losses:

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