Flat Drive Belts

Flat drive belts are used for transmission of motion in industrial machinery, for various applications, such as: texture industry, wood treatment, marble treatment, flour milling etc. Depending on the intended application, we provide the appropriate type so as to ensure proper function and effectiveness during use.

PU Belts

The product lines of round and trapezoidal PU belts we provide are used in a series of industrial and non-industrial applications. For this reason, we offer a wide range of readily available (in STOCK) PU belt product lines, to meet your every need, right away. PU belts include plain belts, interiorly reinforced belts and belts with linings of various materials.

PU Round Belts

PU Belts, RoundRoundPU Belts

PU V-Belts

PU V-BeltsV-BeltsPU Belts